2023 PILARES in Domus

Our projects Pilares Azcapotzalco and Pilares Lomas de Becerra by Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos and WORKac are featured in the November Issue of Domus Magazine with guest editor Toshiko Mori.

Pilares is a project of the Mexico City Government to establish community centers distributed across the most underserved neighborhoods in the city. Each building is designed to focus on the conditions of its site and social context to address the community’s specific needs while also following the programming guidelines that had been established through extensive community engagement. Supporting a diverse array of classes and workshops aimed at skill development, cultural enrichment, and fostering safe spaces for leisure and intergenerational gatherings within every neighborhood.

Read the full article here.

2023 Casa de Arquitectura Conference

Last week, we participated in the “AcercAmientos” talk series at the Casa de Arquitectura in Querétaro, where we shared details about our practice and the projects we are currently working on.

2023 First Place Housing Complex with Park Contest

We are pleased to share with you our winning proposal for a Housing Complex with a Park in Mexico City. The project suggests the development of a communal rooftop park, functioning as an extension of the shared spaces situated within the ground-floor garden. The envisaged design incorporates terraces and an expansive rooftop park, conceived as a collective space for the benefit and enjoyment of all inhabitants. Our proposition envisions the park as an integral extension of the residential environment.